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I am Magdalena Oborski (Mag or Magda for short) and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado area. I was born in Poland and my parents moved us to Linden NJ, over 25 years ago, during my teen years. I married my wonderful husband in 2008 and now we have two beautiful daughters. Growing up I was surrounded by beautiful art and music from my great Aunt Helena and my Grandfather Frank (who were painters) and my Father Anthony (a fantastic musician). I came to love photography as a child because it captured the beauty in any moment. I really became interested in the technical aspects of photography while modeling in my twenties, and acted as "unpaid photographer" for my friends and family for years. However, after private lessons with renowned photographer Julie Dawn Estes, I began to realize that my life long love could also be my career. I wholeheartedly believe my experience in front of the camera allows me to relate to my clients and provide an enjoyable experience for even the most camera shy. Motherhood gives me the patience needed for the squirmy and distracted of all ages. 

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Magdalena Oborski